Our Story

“You can think of a lot of things to make out of nothing,
if you have to.”

Louise Dickinson Rich

RAY of hope in desperate times

Lebanese people are known to always find a way to break through tough times, and in 2022 while Lebanon faces a devasting economic crisis, Atelier de ray, a handmade Brand was born. RAY specializes in making artful items inspired by fabrics and threads wasting in a mother’s Atelier, waiting to be revived, while aiming to create a RAY of hope in desperate times.

Timeless handmade creations

Ray Khoury is an interior architect who breathed in the authenticity and the beauty of her Artisan mother’s work since childhood. Growing up with a fascination of what women’s hands can do, Atelier de ray was created to give new purpose and a business platform to her Mother and other well-seasoned crafts-women in her community. RAY encompasses wearable items marrying modern embroidery & classic fabrics in modern and off-beat designs, items with an exceptional signature, Children special pieces, and one-of-a-kind accessories — All crafted by women at l’Atelier and at their own happy places, raising their voice, proving their worth, and safeguarding the beauty and know-how of handmade practices.

Deeply rooted in culture

Joined by her Brother, a forward-thinking business graduate, one of the Lebanese youth who was forced to leave his country for stability, and with her established artisan Mother with 30 years of experience, the Family hopes to expand its market to the MENA region and the world.

RAY believes in the beauty of imperfection, the rebellion of craftsmanship, and the power to spread happiness through creating beauty against all odds. Inspired by its country of birth, RAY finds magic in upcycling every old piece of fabric by combining it with a modernly designed wearable or accessory and breathing new life into it.

We hope Atelier de ray unique items inspire happiness into you whenever you’re around them, the same happiness we feel while making them.

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